Jenny Left The Block

My year abroad has finally arrived!! As I put together my final things and prepare to move to the US tomorrow, I reflect on my thoughts and feelings on it. Tomorrow I will start a new chapter in another country, one that I fantasised about in my sixth form study area as I scrolled through online uni prospectuses. I’m so excited for every aspect of this year. I can’t wait to start my modules and learn American history from an American perspective, to have the freedom of exploring other disciplines like Sociology and Asian Studies, as well as revisiting old interests like Creative Writing and Literature. Equally, I’m excited to travel as much and as far as I can, hopefully in and around the country. NYC and Washington D.C are cities I must visit ASAP and maybe if I cut back on a few things here and there I can afford a trip to Mexico to see the Aztec ruins (bit of a stretch but dreaming is free). Also I really want to visit all those weirdly eccentric food places from Insider videos that pop up on my Facebook timeline.

Yet at the back of my mind the realisation of being alone and away for a year is starting to hit. For a while now I’ve been so sure that this was going to be part of my degree that I never gave the details of moving to another country much thought, which is perhaps why I’ve not felt nervous at all or sad to leave, that is until now. My parents and I have always been inseparable so it’s going to be hard being so far away from them. I’ll miss Sheffield. The Sheffield that I’m leaving behind and won’t see when I’m back. The one with all my friends and the one where any boring errand or casual stroll is bettered as I bump into my coursemate in a local Sainsbury’s. They’ll all be grown ups chasing grad jobs when I’m back.  And of course I’ll miss my hometown London, and the wonderful friends and second family I have here. Yet, amongst any sadness I have about leaving I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have all these people to miss. I’m so fortunate that whether I’m at uni or at home I am surrounded by irreplaceable friends and the best parents anyone could ask for.  These past few weeks I’ve been really taken aback at the amount of friends that have gone out their way make plans to see me, especially those travelling from other cities. Never did I expect to receive such thoughtful gifts highlighting our favourite memories together or get so many cards with such sweet messages. The bar is now set pretty high for any new Buffalo friends.

I decided to start a blog as a way of documenting everything so that I don’t forget what I’ve done and also to share the experience with my family and friends. Instead of fighting the time difference and struggling to find an appropriate moment to FaceTime constantly, you can see here. Of course in addition to this I will be bombarding you with snaps and texts all day. As for anyone else reading, I hope you enjoy seeing what I’m doing and maybe get to know me a bit through this blog; feel free to comment and suggest things to do, places to visit and food to eat!

See you on the other side of the pond.


IMG_4398 adjusted
An unforgettable send off

9 thoughts on “Jenny Left The Block

  1. Jennifer I wish you all the best on your new adventure you are an amazing young girl ,intelligent and persistent .
    I am so proud of you I know you will achive your ultimate dream ,have fun and enjoy .

    With all my love
    Your friend

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